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Welcome to tobka Electronics. Here you get high resolution for a competitive price:

24 Bit USB Analog-to-Digital-Converter with Visualization Software for 199 EUR.

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The new "Simple Output Mode" allows using the ADX-24 without the supplied DLL. That makes the ADX-24 truly platform independent, it can be used with almost any operating system.
Together with a mini computer such as the "Raspberry Pi", the ADX-24 A/D-converter can be used as a base for stand-alone measurement systems.


From now on, the ADX-24 is offered as a readily assembled and tested module only. The price is still that of the kit.


New Software Version: The software has been revised and completely rewritten in C#. Download it here.
The ADX-24 module has proven itself in many applications in countries around the world. A readily assembled version will be available soon.


Extended input range:
It is now possible to jumper each of the eight channels to accept +/-10 V input range.


The new software version is now available.


A new software version is in progress and will be released here in a few weeks.


After many announcements and more than one year of development time, the ADX-24 assembly kit has finally become available.